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Are You Looking For WholeSale CBD Dog Treats? Buy CBD Dog Treats In Bulk

Are you looking for the CBD Dog Treats and fill the shelf with them. Our dog treats contain more human and qualitative ingredients and avoid cheap ingredients. If you are interested in being our wholesale partner, we are happy to sell out CBD Dog Treats in bulk and spread its goodness all over.

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Organic hemp CBD, yellow peas, dried bacon, dried sweet potatoes, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), cane molasses, organic carrots, organic apples, cranberries, blueberries, rosemary extract.

Our Values

We recognize CBD’s healing potential is just as revolutionary for pets as it is for humans. Our dogs and cats deserve to be as happy and healthy as possible. But getting the most out of CBD  means only the best ingredients, cutting-edge methods, expertise, and care.

Building strong bonds with pet owners is something we achieve through superior products at excellent prices. Your pet’s health is essential, and it shouldn’t be blocked behind a paywall of overpriced, underperforming CBD.

Whether your pet needs symptom relief or just an overall wellness boost, give them a new lease on life with our CBD dog treats.

CBD Pet Oil

CBD Pet Oil – 750mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil – 50mg/ml

750mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil – 50mg/ml

When shopping for CBD pet oil, you want something clean, safe, reliable, and potent. Finding that kind of quality might be hard, as many companies use third parties to handle their manufacturing – or worse – incorrectly label their products.

Pet CBD oil needs to be:

  • Nutritious
  • Free of residual solvents, contaminants, fertilizers, pesticides, and microbes.
  • Contains no artificial flavors or colors
  • Organic
cbd dog treats in bulk

The In-House Difference

We take complete control of our growing and manufacturing process, allowing us to use only the best methods and ingredients.

  • Made with broad-spectrum industrial hemp extract, leaving cannabinoids and terpenes, with NO THC.
  • Perfect for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Organic Colorado hemp, grown in-house under the supervision of trained cannabis cultivators.
  • Cutting-edge clean CO2 extraction separates the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter, all without leaving trace solvents.
  • Undergoes two rounds of third-party testing

Cutting Out the Middleman

It’s easy to outsource certain parts of growing or production to third-parties. However, our CBD pet oil wouldn’t be doing you (or your animal) justice.

We also don’t like the idea of our production process being taken out of our hands. It’s also unlikely that you’ll be too keen on paying extra to cover the costs of outsourcing some of our work.

By keeping production close to the chest, we do things our way – with care, patience, efficiency, and expertise.


Start with half a dropper (0.5ml) under the tongue once a day. Wait 90 minutes for full effect, and increase gradually over several days (if needed).

Some symptoms may require two doses to maintain relief. Administer the appropriate dose in the morning and another, equal dose at night.


Broad-spectrum CBD extract, vegetable glycerin, natural flavor

Our Values

Animals deserve the same health and quality of life as humans. While their needs may differ in some areas, pets still benefit from CBD. That’s why we make sure to create products that suit their needs, using the finest ingredients.

Our goal is to help pets and owners feel happy and connected for as long as possible, without the restrictions of expensive vet medications or overpriced CBD supplements.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats – 750mg Full-Spectrum Chews – 30 pieces (25mg/treat)

750mg Full-Spectrum Chews – 30 pieces (25mg/chew)

Many companies use “middlemen” to source, produce, or label their products. Others might add very little CBD, fail to use common-sense safety practices, and don’t offer third-party tests. Unfortunately, animals can’t tell us that they’re not keen on their CBD treats.

Consequently, you have to trust your vendor more than ever. If you’re going to give CBD to your pet, it’s critical for your product to be:

  • Great-tasting
  • Nutritious
  • Free of residual solvents, contaminants, fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial colors
  • Naturally-flavored
  • Organic

The In-House Difference

Taking over the whole process means unparalleled quality, resulting in CBD dog treats that are:

  • Delicious, naturally-flavored with fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • Made with broad-spectrum industrial hemp extract, which means all the healthy compounds with no THC.
  • Perfect for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Organic Colorado hemp, grown in-house under the watchful eye of trained cannabis cultivators.
  • Clean CO2 extraction – the safest, most labor-intensive method available – separates the extract from its plant source, leaving behind no harmful solvent traces.
  • Undergoes two rounds of third-party testing

Cutting Out the Middleman

We feel that the best CBD dog treats come from extracts grown and processed by our own staff. Is doing everything in-house more complicated and labor-intensive? Absolutely. Would we want it any other way? Absolutely not.

The funny thing about enlisting outside help is that you create a sort of dark area, where you have no control over manufacturing and labeling. It also adds extra costs that vendors then pass to their customers.

It’s always been our mission to protect your health and your wallet. Our expert cultivators grow organic Colorado hemp. Meanwhile, we employ medical professionals with cannabis training to oversee and perfect the final product – all under strict, sterile conditions.


Each dog chew is 15 mg of CBD. Recommended dosing is based on your dog’s weight.

Dogs 0-15 pounds ½ chew daily
Dogs 16-40 pounds ½ to 1 chew daily
Dogs 41-100 pounds 1 to 2 chews daily
Dogs 100 plus pounds 2 chews daily