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CBD Splash

We’re proud to introduce our unique, innovative, brand new line of “CBD Splash” drinks. Finally, you can discreetly take your CBD dose in a great-tasting way that you won’t find anywhere else.

The powdered CBD drink mix is soluble in any liquid, delivering 25 to 50mg of CBD per serving. Each one comes in its own individually-wrapped packet for quick, easy, and accurate dosing. Give your water a delicious boost, add to juice, or even sparkling drinks. The flavorless CBD isolate virtually eliminates any “hempy” taste, so you’ll only notice your chosen fruity flavor.

The seamless, easy-to-use nature of CBD Splash makes it an essential product for any health food store or health-oriented business.

CBD Splash Flavors

All of our CBD Splash products contain natural fruit flavors and colors. They’re also sugar-free, using stevia as a healthier substitute.

CBD Splash offers seven flavor options.

Choose from:

  • Fruit punch
  • Lemonade
  • Iced tea
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Grape
  • Strawberry

CBD Splash, CBD Splash Vitamin, CBD Splash Energy, and CBD Splash Sport

We’ve fine-tuned each drink mix to suit the needs of different people, enhancing things like nutrition and energy to stay healthy and productive.

CBD Splash

CBD Splash is perfect for people who want to take their CBD anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re out with friends or at work, enjoy a great-tasting drink that’s easy to make and discreet to consume.

CBD Splash Vitamin

CBD Vitamin provides the same potent CBD content as our regular Splash, but with added vitamins to boost nutrition.

Getting our daily dose of CBD can be tough, but many of us don’t keep up with our nutritional needs either. CBD Vitamin handles both problems.

We infuse each CBD Splash Vitamin packet with a high concentration of Vitamin C – a critical way to keep your immune system at its best. Combine that with the immune-boosting properties of CBD (not to mention its other benefits), and you have a nutritious drink mix potent in more ways than one.

CBD Splash Vitamin also contains a hefty dose of vitamin B, which promotes brain function, energy, appetite, digestion, eyesight, and more.

CBD Splash Sport

CBD Sport is our CBD Splash option aimed directly at athletes. It’s most comparable to conventional sports drinks, but with added CBD to make the most out of your workout.

The CBD isolate in each serving helps provide a healthy boost of energy to give you a competitive edge, and also helps with post-exercise recovery.

CBD Splash Energy

Energy drinks are everywhere, but our CBD Splash Energy offers the same benefits without the nasty long-term health consequences.

Unlike regular energy drinks, we don’t pack our products with sugar. By using stevia instead of regular sugar, we shave off hundreds of calories from each serving.

Enriched with ginseng, vitamin B12, CBD Splash Energy contains no caffeine, making you more productive and uplifted without an inevitable debilitating crash.

Dosage Options

Everyone’s CBD needs are different, which is why each 12-pack in our CBD Splash line comes in two concentrations.


Our standard dose, the 300mg per container option, allows you to take 25mg of CBD per serving – a significant amount guaranteed to have strong therapeutic effects. This option is ideal for general use if you’re looking to harness CBD’s benefits.

600mg “Double Dose.”

For those who need a more robust option, we have our CBD Splash 600mg “Double Dose.” As the name implies, this product carries 50mg of CBD per serving. It might be a lot for the average user. Still, it’s definitely the best choice if you’re dealing with temporary or chronic symptoms.

It offers a delicious, discreet way to improve your quality of life.