Cbd Cartridge Pen

Whole-Plant Extract 750mg Topical Cream

Our amazingly potent cream contains 750mg of extract – recently showing as high as 800mg in our third-party tests. With this concentration, you’ll experience incredible results using less cream, all at a highly competitive price.

When applied directly to the skin, our topical cream’s whole plant extract works quickly to help relieve a variety of symptoms. Preliminary studies and customer testimony show that whole-plant extract topicals help ease pain and inflammation brought on by chronic health conditions or injuries.

Other ingredients, like aloe vera, are excellent for treating sunburns, rashes, and other topical irritations. Additionally, our 750mg cream contains cocoa butter, vitamin E, and olive oil, helping the skin stay healthy and retain its natural radiance.

We infuse our skin cream with cinnamon and blood orange essential oil, replacing any whole-plant scent with a spicy, citrusy aroma.

Finally, like all our products, there are no intoxicating cannabinoids present in the cream. Fortunately, it’s impossible to experience any kind of “high” with topicals, regardless of the cannabinoid content.


Apply a small amount to the affected area. Reapply as needed until desired results are achieved.

Whole-Plant Extract Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Serum

Our age-defying serum contains the perfect wrinkle-fighting combination of whole-plant extract and two percent hyaluronic acid. The simple, effective formula is the ideal alternative to chemically-packed conventional creams found on drugstore shelves.

Name brand creams often contain dangerous additives intended to increase shelf-life. Our serum is only made with whole-plant extract, hyaluronic acid, and food-grade vegetable glycerin. Thanks to this simple approach, this product is non-greasy and appropriate for any skin type, even those that are highly sensitive.

As inevitable wrinkles appear with age, our serum fights back. The blend of extract and hyaluronic acid goes to work, smoothing the appearance of imperfections wherever they appear. With regular use, this mixture reduces the skin’s youthful look, shedding years off your face.

The application is simple and mess-free. Just take a small amount (typically a few drops) and gently apply it to any wrinkle areas around your face. You’ll immediately feel a difference as the topical improves moisture in the affected area.

Whole-Plant Extract Sensual Oil

Our whole-plant extract sensual oil may not be the first of its kind, but it’s definitely still one-of-a-kind. Its formula is designed to provide the best topical massage or sexual enhancement on the market at an affordable price.

Aside from our oil’s diverse cannabinoid profile (which we’ll get into shortly), the most noticeable feature is its unbeatable potency. Similar massage oils typically offer around 125 to 250mg of extract per container – barely enough to get the best effect. We, on the other hand, provide 750mg at a very affordable price.

Just one use and you’ll definitely notice a difference compared to competing products you may have tried. If this is your first experience with whole-plant sensual oil, then ours is the best introduction you’ll find. Skin feels rejuvenated and relaxed, while its use as a personal lubricant leads to a heightened sense of pleasure and more intense orgasms.

But we don’t stop there. Thanks to its full-spectrum extract, the sensual oil contains several terpenes and minor cannabinoids to support the already intense and robust experience.

Cannabinoids like CBC, CBN, and CBG are just a few examples of what our full-spectrum product brings. And of course, the THC levels remain at or below the 0.3% threshold.

It’s just as possible to use pure CBD isolate in products like these. Still, we specifically chose full-spectrum due to a process called the “entourage effect.” The minor cannabinoids and other compounds work together and enhance the overall experience.