Industry Standard

There is currently no oversight on the acceptable level of CBD or THC content in a given product. The gamete of strength, dosage and effect is an unknown reality to the vast majority of consumers.  The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has no oversight or regulation in this industry so the strength, dosage and contaminants in products is not always known or reported.  Individuals or consumers are buying with blind faith. 

Companies that bother to submit their product to third party testing are the champions in this arena as this is an ongoing expense for each batch.  They stand in integrity behind their product to report the quality and purity and the absence of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals, not to mention bacteria or mold.  All-natural products are not created equal, the public demands purity in the products they buy. 

Formulated by Pharmacists

Having a certified health professional, i.e. Clinical pharmacist, that specializes in the assessment and management of medicinal products is an asset.  CBDtheremedy is a company that uses pharmacists to formulateall their products to ensure consistency and potency with each batch.

Third Party Testing

We TWICE 3rd party test all our products to make sure we deliver the very best Organic CBD products

Click below to open our CBD lab test results.

CBD oil lab test  SPECTRUM CBD – CoA – CBD Isolate – PotencyCBD oil lab test results.2

Currently in the19 CBD Dog Treats lab sheets CBD Gummy lab sheets CBD oil Broad Spectrum lab sheets CBD oil Full Spectrum lab sheets state of Arizona there is no legal requirement to provide third party testing on any CBD or THC product.  The lack of oversite is found in a majority of CBD products sold over the counter to not contain appreciable levels of product anticipated. See Dr. Oz’s report on a number of CBD products that were evaluated through a third-party laboratory that revealed little to no CBD and sometimes high levels of E. Coli bacteria15.  Buyer beware!

Any CBD company that submits their product line to third-party testing is one that leads with integrity and is worth buying from.  Why you may ask?  Because it is an additional, ongoing expense incurred by the company, yet an added benefit to consumers, and sets these companies ahead of their competition. 

Our Organic CBD products contain .03% thc or less


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