Federal Drug Administration Disclosure on CBD

The Federal Drug Administration or FDA is a governing board of our government that has the sole purpose of protecting the public’s health, ensuring all food/ingestible products and applied or cosmetic products to the skin are safe, are accurate in their claims and will not cause harm.  The FDA has a very broad scope of surveillance for the American public to include the following as it relates to CBD:


  • Dietary supplements
  • Bottled water
  • Food additives


  • Prescription drugs
  • Non-prescription (over-the-counter) drugs


  • Skin moisturizers and cleansers

 Veterinary Products:

  • Pet foods

 Another role of the FDA is the support of research in CBD to assess its benefits and to identify gaps in the scientific data as it relates to the potential of CBD abuse. A secondary role is to monitor the marketing of products and their claims.  If the marketing of CBD attests to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease a warning letter will be issued to the company making such claims. 

 The FDA disclosure is very clear about what is acceptable and what is not.  This organizing body is adamant about the transparency and scope of the CBD industry.  The U.S. public demands scrutiny in products we consume and accountability for companies that profess an outcome in health status. 

In closing it is imperative that we state the following about our products

CBDtheremedy’s products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Our products do not promise, attest or proclaim to treat, cure, or prevent disease.  CBDtheremedy as a company is not diagnosing any patient

with a medical condition, that is the role of a medical doctor