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What Is CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is the most important compound found in the cannabis plant. Itis also considered being a very interesting product. The cannabis plant has been characterized as a chemical powerhouse producing more than 400 different compounds.CBD is not psychoactive which means it will not get people high. There has been no side effect found in humans from consuming CBD. The US Farm Bill 2018 has allowed CBDderived from hempto be sold in the united states without a prescription.

The laws surrounding the use of CBD can vary per state-based on the specified usage, whether medicinal or recreational. There are two important sources of CBD; the hemp plant and marijuana. Because the hemp plant has been associated with marijuana it has borne the social stigma. However, evolving research and more knowledge, CBD is now known as a reliever of ailments in the human body

CBD + Hyaluronic acid = less wrinkles

CBD oil serum with Hyleronic acid combines the 2 most skin rehydrating products on the market.  This amazing new face moisturizer reduces fine lines and wrinkles as we get older. Apply a few drops under your eyes or anywhere on your face and rubbing gently. Almost immediately you will start to feel your skin has more moisture.  Our skin serum is a non-greasy Formula for all types of skin


Pharmacist formulated
Pharmacist formulated
Hemp derived CBD
Hemp derived CBD
The Gold Standard
The Gold Standard

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Why CBD?

1) Full line of premium CBD products for family and fido.

2) Organically grown and processed on the same Colorado farm.

3) Manufactured by a Pharmacist in a iso-6 clean room

4) Twice 3rd party tested for quality assurance.

5) On going CBD dosage study with Dr, Dana.

6) Premium CBD means higher MG’s and products that work.

Organic industrial hemp is the new “green revolution” that is taking the world by storm!  This hidden gem of a plant is potentially beneficial for a wide range of ailments to improve the quality of life and bring the internal balance back into the body.  Our third-party tested, pharmacist derived products have been shown to greatly decrease the underlying processes behind an overactive immune system.   As well as, slowing the onset and progression of symptoms when this natural supplement is consumed orally or applied to the body daily.  Could you use a boost today in your mood, energy and stamina?  Then supplement with CBD made from the organic industrial hemp-a plant for all seasons of life.

Real Reviews From The Real Customers

I have been using my pen for almost a week now and I am here to say that it has helped with aches in my body, and it has reduced the feeling of stress and anxiousness. Delivery was fast! And the pen works great ! Thanks!


This product is amazing I would highly suggest you try the all natural hemp oil vapor pen,

Dilla36 -

company were fast shippers, very responsive, great products that helps with anxiety and pain.

Craig Stempowicz -

OMG! I have a high stress job. The pen calms me down like nothing else has. Amazed


How is it made?

In order to manufacture high-qualitly CBD oil, it is highly important to consider the accurate cannabis genetics. The key is to choose the shrain which contains high CBD element The choices can be hemp plant or marijuana, but the CBD element should be high. After choosing the right plant and cultivating it, the next step is to extract the plant for CBD. The whole plant is set for extraction This method is commonly used for medical purposes because it is extracted out most of the CBD from the plant.gs.

Several Ways to Manufacture 

There are some elements known as CBD isolates which are considered to be pure CBD. They are more effective and rely on CBD and the quality of genetics. The CBD oils can be manufactured in several ways The plant is soaked in a solvent. for example. grain alcohol.

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