Hospice and Respite Support


Do you have a loved one on hospice and need more help in the home than what hospice provides?

Many families wish they would have extra support and respite care on top of hospice coming in a few times per week.

At Absolutely Able Home Care of Scottsdale we regularly team up with hospice to provide care for your loved one and fill in the gaps when hospice isn’t there, so that you can focus on what really matters: time well spent.

Patient and Family CNA or Caregiver Needs During End-of-Life Care

Practical care and assistance. Perhaps your loved one can no longer talk, sit, walk, eat, or make sense of the world. Routine activities, including bathing, feeding, toileting, dressing, and turning may require total support and increased physical strength on the part of the CNA or caregiver. These tasks can be supported by personal care assistants, a hospice team, or physician-ordered nursing services.

Comfort and dignity. Even if the patient’s cognitive and memory functions are depleted, their capacity to feel frightened or at peace, loved or lonely, and sad or secure remains. Regardless of location—home, hospital, hospice facility—the most helpful interventions are those which ease discomfort and provide meaningful connections to family and loved ones.

Respite Care. Respite care can give you and your family a break from the intensity of end-of-life caregiving. It may be simply a case of having a hospice volunteer sit with the patient for a few hours so you can meet friends for coffee or watch a movie, or it could involve the patient having a brief inpatient stay in a hospice facility.