CBD pods


CBD pods


Kuul pods are $65.00 for four .7 gram pods = 2.8 grams of Premium CBD oil.


Our CBD Oil is the most effective method of delivery and considered the most concentrated in terms of milligrams (mg) per milliliter (ml) in the industry.  Our bottle of CBD oil is 24.8 mg per half a milliliter and 49.7 mg of oil to a full dropper full or one milliliter.  The oil is distilled from organic hemp.  In its liquid form CBD is placed in the mouth and absorbed sublingually or through the gums.  The absorption rate is approximately 10-15 minutes into the blood stream.  The sublingual method is superior as it bypasses the gastric secretions of the stomach, the enzymes of the small intestines and is not diluted through absorption and processing in the liver.  Oil is bulk organic CBD hemp extracted into a natural elixir so your body can readily use and benefit from its health supporting properties.

Two types of CBD oil are available, full spectrum has under .03% THC and broad spectrum has no THC.


  • CBD Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Natural Flavor


The CBD Oil allows micro-dosing to occur during the day. The recommended dosage again is individually determined. A starting dose is a half a dropperful once a day.  If inflammation and pain are an ongoing problem one dropperful a day is recommended.


Third Party Lab Results on our CBD Oil is obtained regularly to assess the consistency of current content.

Current milligrams measured per 49.7 mg/ml of CBD full spectrum.

CBD 3.98%, CBDa 0.00%, delta 9 THC 0.22%, THCa 0.00%.

Current milligrams measured per 51.4 mg/ml of CBD broad spectrum.

CBD 4.01%, CBDa 0.00%, delta 9 THC 0.00%, THCa 0.00%.


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4 Kuul Pods, 2 Kuul Pods

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