CBD pet oil 750mg

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Pet CBD Oil


Our Pet CBD Oil is another method of delivery to assist your pet in pain relief, decreased inflammation and providing a balanced mood.  Place drops of the oil on your pet’s food based on their weight and let them ingest this health enhancing oil into their diet.  Our bottle of CBD oil is 24.8 mg per half a milliliter and 49.7 mg of oil to a full dropperful or one milliliter.  The oil is distilled from organic hemp.




  • CBD Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Natural Flavor




The Pet CBD Oil allows micro-dosing to occur during the day at each scheduled feeding. The recommended dosage again is individually determined to your pet’s ailment and size.


Pet Weight 1-15 pounds 1-3 drops
Pet Weight 16-40 pounds 5-6 drops
Pet Weight 41-100 pounds 7-8 drops
Pet Weight 100 plus pounds 9-10 drops





Third Party Lab Results on our CBD Oil is obtained regularly to assess the consistency of current content.



Current milligrams measured per 51.4 mg/ml of CBD broad spectrum.

CBD 4.01%, CBDa 0.00%, delta 9 THC 0.00%, THCa 0.00%.


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