CBD Vapor pen 750mg


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Product Sheet:  CBD Vapor Pen


The CBD Vapor Pen is an effective and efficient way to medicate conveniently throughout one’s day.  Our pen is connected to a rechargeable battery at 530 milliamps compared to the what is available in the market at 380 milliamps and usually not rechargeable.  The CBD in our vapor pen is viscous or thick, not a liquid as seen in the majority of CBD vapor pens.  This consistency is a testament to the superior quality we deliver.




  • CBD Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Flavor




The CBD Vapor Pen allows micro-dosing to occur during the day. The recommended dosage will be individually determined. A starting dose is 10 pulls a day which is considered an adequate dosage in 24 hours.




Third Party Lab Results on our CBD Vapor Pen is obtained regularly to assess the consistency of current content.



Current milligrams measured per 750 mg of CBD.

THCa 0.00%, THC 0.06%, CBDa 0.00%, CBD 1.45% (822 mg), CBN 0.00%, CBG 0.00%


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