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THC-Free CBD Topical Pain Patch

THC-Free CBD Topical Pain Patch Pack 120mg – 120 mg CBD Isolate Topical Pain Patch – 40mg/unit
120mg CBD Pain Patch – 40mg/unit

THC-free topical pain patches solve a lot of the issues you might run into with other non-smokable forms of CBD. They’re the only product to combine accurate dosing and targeted effects, all without the limitations that arise from ingestion.

  • Not processed by digestion, which means it won’t affect bioavailability
  • Simple, discreet, and easy to use
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Timed-release, allowing for a consistent dosage
  • Effects last up to 8 hours
  • Pure CBD isolate (no THC)

The In-House Difference

Growing and producing our own inventory is a vital part of our approach to wellness. Total control means it consistently meets our high standards “from seed to sale.”

  • Made from 99% pure CBD isolate, with NO THC
  • Organic Colorado hemp, grown in-house under the supervision of trained cannabis cultivators.
  • Cutting-edge clean CO2 extraction is the safest, purest way to create solvent-free products.
  • Undergoes two rounds of third-party testing

Cutting Out the Middleman

Companies often use third-parties to handle some (or all) parts of the production process. But in as vendors in an unregulated market, it’s hard to know who to trust. That is the reason we do everything in-house. We grow our own hemp, extract the oil, test, and label our items under the oversight of prepared cultivators and clinical cannabis specialists.

Doing the legwork ourselves also helps keeps costs down. Enlisting outside help makes production more expensive – a charge that merchants pass to customers. We don’t believe that price should be a barrier to those looking for excellent CBD.


Remove an individual patch from the package and press it directly onto the affected/desired area. Replace every 8 hours as needed.


40mg hemp oil extract, 3% lidocaine, 2% menthol

Our Values

We put a strong emphasis on transparency, quality, and affordability. These simple values are what help us create a vast selection of expertly-crafted, well-priced CBD products. Ultimately, this means anyone can access CBD and see the difference it makes.