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Welcome to CBD the Remedy. Our products are processed by a licensed pharmacist. We do twice third-party tests on all our CBD products for quality assurance. Try our line of CBD products and see the difference.
Third-party lab tested products Full spectrum means will use the whole plant. We carry both CBD extract means maximum potency with no THC Safe to consume and simple to dose Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients Manufactured by experts Organically-grown in Colorado Vegan-friendly

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Each jar contains 30 delicious gummies, each infused with 15 mg of pure CBD isolate, ensuring zero THC for a non-psychoactive experience.

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Explore answers to frequently asked questions about CBD, addressing the queries most commonly raised by our valued customers.

No. CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test. CBD itself is not considered an illegal substance, nor does it impair you in any way. Because our CBD products are either broad-spectrum or isolate, they contain no THC.

A lot of CBD information exists in uncharted territory. To gain some concrete answers, our supervising doctor, Dr. Lillestol, is involved in a dosage study to establish some general guidelines.

Based on her findings, 75mg/day is an appropriate dose for many. However, to reach that point, it’s essential to follow the “start low and go slow” rule. Begin with a small dose and gradually increase it until you notice some effects.

The duration of effect varies from one person to another. The effects of ingestible cannabis can last anywhere from three to four hours.

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