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CBD sensual oil.


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750mg Full-Spectrum Arousal Oil – 50mg/ml

CBD sensual oil does wonders for sexual enhancement. Our Sensual CBD Arousal Oil is well-loved for its orgasm-boosting effects. However, given that you’ll be applying this directly to your genitals, the last thing you want is an impure product.

Some companies rely on third parties to handle things like manufacturing, labeling, and sourcing. This potentially leads to incorrect labels (a common issue found in the industry) or less-than-stellar quality control.

Again, remember where you’re putting these products. With that in mind, CBD sexual enhancement products should always be:

  • Rich in beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Free of irritants
  • Containing no residual solvents, fungi, microbes, or chemical pesticides
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Organic

The In-House Difference

Since we complete every step of the process – from growing to packaging – no CBD product leaves our facility until we send it to you.

  • Made with full-spectrum industrial hemp extract, which provides critical cannabinoids and terpenes, with less than 0.3% THC.
  • Organic Colorado hemp, grown in-house under the supervision of trained cannabis cultivators.
  • Cutting-edge clean CO2 extraction is the safest, purest way to create solvent-free products.
  • Undergoes two rounds of third-party testing

Cutting Out the Middleman

There’s no way we’ll allow our CBD – let alone CBD arousal oil – to fall into the hands of outsourced production. But aside from ensuring quality, we have other reasons for saying “no thanks” to any outside help.

Cost is a considerable problem with “white-labeling” practices. These services aren’t free. Ever wonder why so many CBD products seem to be on the expensive side, despite having the same (or less) features that we do? These companies have to recoup the costs of white-labeling, with the only option being to pass those costs onto you.

By keeping production close to the chest, we do things our way – with care, patience, efficiency, and expertise.


For Women: Place three to five drops onto the middle and index fingers, then apply directly to the vagina and clitoris.

For Men: Use three to five drops and directly massage oil into the head of the penis.


Full-spectrum CBD extract, organic coconut MCT oil

Our Values

We strongly support the medicinal properties of hemp, CBD, and cannabinoids. Although most products focus on symptom relief, we also understand the importance of sexuality as part of a happy, healthy life.

Thanks to CBD, we now have a way of providing the added enhancement you need to improve your overall experience. If you haven’t tried CBD for sexual enhancement (or any other purpose), now is the time to start.


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