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CBD splash powdered drink mix is the convenient way to get your 25mg’s of CBD on the go. Simply pour our amazing CBD powdered drink mix  into a 16.9 oz water bottle and shake.  This product is high in vitamin C  and as sweeten with stevia.  CBD splash drink mix comes in 7 flavors Ice Tea,  Lemonade strawberry grape raspberry Orange and fruit punch.

This is the most convenient way to get 25 mg of high quality CBD into your daily life.



Hemp CBD isolate,


MCT (Medium chain triglycerides)

citric acid

natural flavors natural coloring from fruit juice.

Calcium silicate

calcium carbonate

sodium bicarbonate

ascorbic acid.


Dosing: Each packet comes with 25mg’s of CBD isolate powder. Take a sip out of your 16.9 oz water bottle and pour in our amazing CBD powered drink mix. Shake and you have CBD to go. This is the perfect way to get your healthy life style. Please allow 30 to 40 minutes to get into your system.




Third party lab test results on the CBD powered drink mix are collected showing

CBDA = nd

CBD = 13.9

CBN = 0.019

THC = 0.013

THCA = nd


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